Sharing lunches, Wednesday dinners, and walking through life together…. I miss you. 

I miss friends today. I’m not lonely on this adventure, I am just ultra aware of how alone I am. Being on my own has always been easy for me. I’m a hoot to hang out with. I’m more fun than a barrel of drunk monkeys at a Cindy Lauper concert. But life does tend to be much more important and meaningful when you can share the road trip. 
The relationships we form each day with work colleagues, people from church, the gym, community organizations, and even the home town pub are vitally important to the very core of our being. These friends help us grow in our values, open mindedness, and spirituality. They stretch us. They comfort us. They build us up. They make milk shoot out our nose and give us giggle side aches from laughter. I bet you can picture them right now. You can almost feel their presence because they mean so much to you. 
I recently started watching an old but amazing Netflix series; ‘Friends’. A true comedy classic that reminds us how a small group of random friends can be closer than family. I remember as this show was getting older and the actors were getting more and more famous, they tried to start their own shows with that character. Each new show was a failure. You see, the key to the success of the ‘Friends’ series was not in any one character, but in the value of the whole group. As a group they laughed, lifted each other up, supported one another times of need, and most importantly LIVED life together. The show showed us that when many different unique personalities come together, they enhance the best in each of us individually. 
What was our biggest fear as a child at a new school? -Who would eat lunch with us and be our best friend. We have all been the new one at school, a job, or a new life at some time. Do you remember who first invited you to hang out, or share a meal? Remember that relief and deep down inner smile? Remember how good it felt to be a part of a group? Our very human nature craves to be a part of a group. We are not meant to be solitary animals. We function our best in our family/friend/team units; when we are “TAMILY OR FRAMLY”.  
Starting new ‘Framilies’ is not easy. In fact, it’s really hard. You must step out of your ‘alone’ and be willing to act like a goof; sit next to the new guy and work, the lady at church, or ask the girl at the bus stop to hang out. You never know what could happen, you may just be meeting your next best friend in your famous TV show life. Are you willing and ready to open your arms to someone? Because they need you. 
I have been beyond blessed in my life to have been surrounded by many extraordinary humans who were kind enough to share a part of their life with me. Each moment of life together with you was essential and significant to me. I think it may be your fault I get a little silly and cry when I write sappy blogs. So thank you my dear friend…friends…framily. 
Know you are loved. 

Hoy estoy un poco nostálgico. No es para una ubicación, pero para amigos.

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