August Rain

The sky’s are dark this afternoon with heavy clouds full of cool tropical rain. It’s pouring more than just cats and dogs, but every farm animal on farm McDonald. Today I decided to wear heals. Yep. I had to walk home in heals, in rain. You would think I would have figured out the very predictable Costa Rican days by now. Beautiful sunny warm mornings, rainy afternoons, followed by cool evening of peaceful breezes. But today I decided I would wear heals. Really it’s no big deal, it’s not like I tripped up the wet stairs to my apartment. Good thing no one, but lil Mimi the perro, saw me. Now, only wet knees. 
Rainy days are such a beautiful metaphor for our lives. Sunny, rainy, and peaceful. Happy, challenging, return to wellness. This metaphor also includes the slippery painful wet high heals, back of the legs walking splatter, and even the inside out umbrella vs tornado wind. What is so delightful about being human is, daily, each one of us has moments that swing us from giggles to tears. It is part of our soul. Like the butterfly effect we are effect by someone and return to affect another. The never ending domino effect of human existence. Woooo deep. 
Each day I feel blessed to have the joys and unknown challenges soaking their way into my life. I am thank you for both the sun and rain. For it is together that they bring life. God intended life to come through both joy and obstacles; sun and rain. This life balance is what draws us closer to him as well as gives us a smile on our face and a song in our heart. 
So today I am thankful for this incredible life giving rain. 

Hoy llueve Mañana es soleado amo los dos.

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