Taking Flight

I’m finally getting outta the city. Although I do love my lil home, it is time for me to get out of the concrete jungle for a wee bit and remember the reason I moved to Central America. I’m writing this from the air, headed to San Salvador, El Salvador to catch another flight to Roatan Honduras. Those who know me know that some of my favorite things are hanging out with the coolest humans on earth, teenagers, and hanging out in nature. This week is going to give me both gifts as I take ten incredible kiddos to student leadership camp in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. I’m already having a blast as I watch them slump in their chairs listening to music, giggling, and napping on the flight. 
Most of the time the speak only Spanish. I understand nothing but everything. The laugh and tease like every teenager I’ve met in any country. Their conversations are the same; music, sports, relationships, school, passions, and always a bit of banter or joking. God has blessed me with the gift of these kiddos. Not having children of my own, I get to dote on, spoil, embarras, worry over, and most of all love on these terrific kids. I thank their parents for lending them to me for a few hours a day. I am honoured to have those moments each day. 
Leadership kiddos are such a hoot. The thing that sets them apart from other teens is their willingness to open their minds to taking in and creating ideas. Actually, all teens are terrific at this, is just a matter holding the mirror in front of them so they can see the incredible person they are. They are world changers. Dreamers. This is who I get to hang out with each day, the dreamers of the future. Not some CEO or PhD, but those who are still dreaming of the possibilities of becoming a CEO or PhD. Ask any adult if they wish they could go back to their teen self to get that sparkle and fire for life back, they will emphatically say YES! In this crazy world of political unrest and dehumanizing technology, all you need to do is spend five minutes with a teenager and your hope in the future is renewed.
As we get ready to land and begin this few days of training, bonding, inspiration, and laughter I realize I am getting ready to watch these kids take flight!!

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