Life is found in nature

I realize as I title this blog that saying something like “life is found in nature” is a wee bit redundant and repetitive. Giggle. However, what I really hope you understand is how much meaning is truly in this powerful statement. 
I have been in the gray concrete jungle for a bit too long and very much needed to see the green of Costa Rica. I needed to remember the reason I wanted to make my home in the country. I needed to hear the chatter of birds and smell the warm fragrance of blossoms on the trees. I needed the life to return to me. 
Obviously, coming from a biology teacher, I know that nature is life yadda yadda yadda. The true power in this statement is about the soul changing power within this incredible creation. 
I stayed and an incredible resort called Pachira lodge in Tortugaro National park Costa Rica. I adored each moment of my weekend. Even the fact that the hotel rooms didn’t have solid walls or windows for air circulation. I giggled a bit when I was able to hear their snores or sleep farts, and was sure they snickered at mine. At four each morning the Howler Monkeys would rouse the family up and start the big day of snacking from tree to tree. The first time I heard it I thought it was coming from the room next to me. A deep, strong, powerful, and very loud “HAROOOOOG HAROOOOG”. It took me a bit, in my morning daze, to realize that is was coming from a monkey right outside my window. I ran outside to see multiple trees with movement and bodies dancing in the trees munching and calling. Even a little baby monkey was being pulled over the tree limbs like a human toddler past the toy vending machines at the grocery store. It was incredible. It was a invigorating deep breath to feel the nature around me. 
Later that evening I had the privilege of taking a lovely stroll down the dark beach. It was just after dusk and the momma sea turtles were coming ashore to do the exhausting tasking of digging the deep hole in which to gently place their lil babies. A new generation. With the help of red lights and quiet guides I was able to witness one of the most beautiful occurrences in nature. The laying of Green Sea Turtle eggs. I must admit one thing to you. I did cry a bit at the chance to get to witness this. Then, without notice momma T flung a flipper full of sand in my face. Giggle. It was much deserved as I was invading her privacy. They will stay in their sandy incubators for around 8 weeks. Hoping to see more, we took an early morning stroll down the beach to see if any earlier nests were full of hatching little tiny turtles. To our amazement there was a nest flip flop boiling out of their nest to run to the start of their adventurous life. I could actually hear the voices of “Crush” and “Offspring” from Finding Nemo. It was awe inspiring to see their little flippers flailing about with excitement as they scooted towards and exciting life. 

This weekend reawakened my science diva nature nerd self. The tears were from the overwhelming blessing of this opportunity. What was better than any howl from a monkey or flip-flop of a turtle flipper, was the blessing that God is the reason and creator of this little thing called nature. You see, I love nature, but I do not worship it. I see life in nature, but it is not full life. Life is fully and completely from God the Creator of living things, rock things, orbiting things….all things. He is Life. God is the life. So in each bird chatter, monkey howl, and turtle egg is the life gift God shares with us. I was blessed this weekend because God wanted to show off his incredible creation. God is good. God is Life. 
Gracias Dios. Gracias por mi vida y las bendiciones que me das cada día. Perdona por favor mis estúpidos pecados. Sobre todo gracias por el regalo de vida de tu Hijo Jesucristo. Tú eres vida.

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