Top 10 Costa Rican Postal Experiences


Magical! There is no actual postal system in Costa Rica. There is a type of service with boxes and outgoing. But no delivery service. 

Your parcel will not be found at your local office, but one downtown. A hour Uber away. Your letters can be mailed and postage purchased from your local office. A short 4km walk. Getting there an epic journey!

There are four different lines you must wait in to collect your package. Four. Different. Lines. 

Best part of waiting in line at the postal office is the Animal Planet Crocodile Hunter episodes, in English!

Letters can magically get delivered. Not sure how it happens. I think it is little fairys on the backs of magical flying monkeys. 

Address are vague and hilarious. These are real addresses. So much better than silly numbers and street names. 
Bello Horizonte de Escazu. 700 meters west, 25 meters north of the mango tree.

San Vicente de Moravia, 50 meters south of the BAC bank. Third house on the left, apartment 3 behind the dentist office.

You must print. Cursive writing will be tossed. So, let me know when you received the letters I sent in old time calligraphy script! 

Sending mail brings me a monthly joy. Knowing I’m sending just a little bit of my heart.

Complaining about the mail system does nothing constructive. Having fun with a new life story makes every situation one of delight. 
Number One!

Getting mail from far away is incredible. It makes you feel loved. Like a paper hug wrapped in packing tape! Take a moment to mail a card to someone you love. 
Thank you for my mail! You made my day with each lick of a stamp!
Mantente positivo en todo lo que haces. A veces necesitamos hablar sobre asuntos de la vida. Ten cuidado de ser el quejador todo el mundo quiere evitar.

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