One of these things is not like the other

I just had to go to the Ministry of Health in downtown San José. Super interesting latest adventure. My amazing parents sent me a care package of treats and cards. It got rejected at customs for a chewy granola bar….. a chewy granola bar. Seriously! So, I had to go to the ministry of health to get a letter of permission, to get permission from the postal service, to get permission, to get my granola bar released from customs jail. Actually, it was wonderful!! I so enjoy these little adventures. It helps me learn my Spanish and get to know the city. 
Today, I did get to know the city. I had my eyes opened. As I left the ministry, my face was looking down at my phone. Ordering my Uber and text helping a friend with her Halloween costume. I didn’t look around me. As I waited two police officers hurried over to me. Yikes! What had I done? I did just jay-walk. I hope I don’t get a ticket. They surrounded me and asked something in Spanish. I told them “sorry no español”. Immediately one officer spoke in English. “Why are you here?” “What are you doing?” I quickly explained my errand. They smiled and talked to me while I waited for my Uber. We had a great chat about Australian Footy and Fútbal. What a hoot. They stood around me and never left until I was in the Uber….safe in the Uber. 
This is when I finally opened my eyes to where I was. When I realized why they picked out the blonde gringa, dressed up in work clothes, right away. 
I was waiting by a very interesting park. It was not particularly busy, but clearly this was an area of the homeless. A man was sleeping on a concrete bench. It was a park, but not a place of children’s laughter or gardens. It was surrounded by police cars and rusty razor wire fencing. I was completely blind to it. 
How is it that I did not see? I was blinded by my phone and selfish needs. I was blind to my possible safety. I was entirely blind to my surroundings. 
What I missed was the humans around me. My question is this: Now what do I do with this information? What should we all do when we get information about places and people like this. This is not the first time I have seen the homeless. Far from it. What I want to know is what SHOULD I be doing? Saying? What is politically, culturally, ethically, spirituality, or financially my responsibility? Wherever WE are in the world, there will always be ‘that homeless park’. That park has existed in every country, land, and time. Why?
I feel like I should have an option or a mission or something? I want to. Yet I hide. I go home to my clean dry apartment, eat my large dinner, pack chewy granola bars for my lunch, and blog on my $600 iPhone. I hide. 
I am eager to have an intelligent conversation with someone. I would love to chat about what my role is in this scenario. Gringa in a foreign land. Who is willing to discuss? I need to gain wisdom. My wisdom is little. How do I gain wisdom and care from this experience? 
Seeking intellectual conversation!
Until I find someone to share with. I will just thank God for my many many blessings. Thank you!
It just started raining hard again. 
Where will that sleeping man go?

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