No Shave November 

The cafeteria smelled like gallo pinto and shaving cream. It was going to be a very interesting lunch. This is why I live for Student Council. Nothing like watching beards, blood, and shaving cream getting flung about, whilst you are eating. 
It was absolutely the most perfect idea. 
No Shave November. When did this start? I have so many questions concerning this yearly tradition. When did become trendy? Do the beards get donated to ‘locks of love’? Is this just the latest hipster fad like men’s yoga pants? Can ladies participate in the no leg and arm shave November? Giggle 
My school is having a student council hosted No Shave November. The boys and male teachers paid a small fee to get shaved at lunch on Friday. They all started with a clean shave and will grow, for the month, outstanding face furs! The end of month these facial Chia Pets will be judged for prizes! 
I will admit that a few men can pull off the trim sexy beard. But not all men. In fact, most look like a high school senior boy growing a first patchy starter beard or they look like a cross between ZZ Top and Wild Mountain Lumber Jack Wolf Man. Unless you can finger a guitar into musical perfection or can run a chain saw, I don’t think you should be allowed a man beard. Like a drivers license. A beard license. You must pass a few tests before you allowed a holy beard:

1. Can eat a meal without leaving most of it it the web of curls. 

2. Can kiss without flossing your partners teeth. 

3. Can run a chain saw, or any power tool….correctly. 

4. Has a smile you can see through the hedges. 

5. Doesn’t look like they belong on a ‘most wanted’ poster

6. Delivers presents on December 25th from a sleigh with reindeer.
I don’t want to be politically incorrect, so I will also discuss woman with equal opportunity enthusiasm. I read today that woman’s under arm hair is now trendy. Woman are actually trimming, coloring, and getting professional stylists for their under arm hair. Seriously? How did this start? Laziness or just a Hollywood wannabe starting a Facebook trend. Oh dear. 

Either way, my pink daisy girl will be in full working order for every month of the year! 
So, as the world goes into wolf pack mode this month, cuddle up to your cozy ball of fur. Forgive a bit of facial food crumbs, it’s just a snack for later. 

Hacer crecer un roedor en tu cara no es bueno!!

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