My First Earthquake

You will probably see many a typing errors as I write this with trembling fingerssss. I am exactly 1 hour out from my first earthquake and my hands are still shaking. In fact, my entire body is still a bit shaky, it doesn’t help that we have already had a few aftershocks that I cannot feel my body, that is still so full of bouncy adrenaline. I am acting like a nervous Chihuahua after a caffeine overdose! I look like a pile of wind-up toys in front of a toy store. Bounce. Waddle. Hop. Flip. Waddle. I knew that I was a chatty, giggly mess when I am nervous, but this is ridiculous. I have been on Facebook, texting, and now blogging and I can’t seem to turn my dizzy brain off!

So instead of trying to sleep, I decided to share a few of the things that have gone through my head. So many questions! It is amazing the stupid stuff that you think of and do.

1 I was in the middle of a Netflix binge watch of Downton Abby when the shaking began, actually had time to think, properly turn off the film, close the app., and sit up. Then, I set down my phone and walked away. Seriously! My phone is my lifeline and I just set it down! *slaps forehead* I am so weird.

2 I called my parents. Why? Because, that’s what you do. Sometimes you just need momma and daddy to tell you that you are ok. Dad was thrilled, he wanted all the fun details. Mom became just as anxious as me, she probably won’t sleep a wink.

3 Is it just me or do I have to tinkle a lot now. What does one do, if one were ‘going’ during a quake? Finish? Or hold it all in? I hope I don’t ever find out! I have a feeling things would “move quickly” if the situation arose. Can you flush in an earthquake or would is miss the pipe? What if I was taking a bath, would I see the waves?

4 Glad I don’t sleep naked! I ended up going outside with the household and neighbors. We were all in our pjs. Made me glad I chose that night for granny nightgown. What would I have done if my nightgoan was the clothes I had in an emergency. Oh my! I am sleeping fully clothed from now on.

5 Where exactly do I stand? Is it in the doorway back to edge or back to room. These details do become an issue. You hear “get in a doorway”, but how should I place myself? Is it more of a sit or a squat stance? When do I begin to evacuate? Do I wait for the shaking to stop, or do I just run for it?

6 What should I take with me? Is this time to grab the animals, passport, cell phone, bottled water, food for three days, flashlight, and tent? Or should I just leave with my dignity and a smile?

7 I posted this on Facebook! Seriously? Do I really have time for an “earthquake selfie”? Again, I am glad I wasn’t in the bathroom.

8 What if I was cooking? Do I turn of the stove/ oven/ hot pot/ microwave? What if I burn down the entire city because I let my hot pocket burn in the microwave?

I am feeling like I may burdening you, my dear reader, with way to many questions at 1am. I think I will just go back to bed….… *aftershock*…. Back to bouncing around the house.


Stay Safe. Stay Still.

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