18 Eggs

I dropped two eggs this morning when I made my usual breakfast. No worries, I just purchased a new pack of 18. I finished making my breakfast and proceeded to clean my kitchen floor after this minor kitchen fiasco. Then put the 16 eggs into the door egg crate.

This seems to happen to me a bit. Creating messes for myself. “Don’t cry over spilled milk”, the saying goes. I don’t. For if I cried after all the spilled milk, dropped eggs, toast butter side down, dry rice bombs, exploding pressure cookers, and unknown sticky drips in my life, i would sob a million oceans. Those who know me well, know I clean lots of my messes. Most of the time I just grit my teeth, smile at the fact that “oops I did it again”, and begin the cleanup. It can all really just be cleaned up. All can.

Even our lives we tend to ‘drop the ball’ or whatever challenge life throws at us. We are continually cleaning this mess and that. What I have learned from this daily routine is that I must get on my knees to take care of the cleaning. How much like our lives this is. When we have challenges, difficulties, messes to clean we must get on our knees in prayer to do the dirty work. Unlike my egg mess, in life we have a helper, companion, and teacher to help us along the way. When we get on our knees in prayer, God meets us there. God is overjoyed to dig in with soap and water and clean the dirtiest of messes. We are not alone in our trials. He is there to help clean, support, guide, then pick us up! Getting into my clumsy messes or even my life messes don’t seem so terrible when I know I have my Lord and Savior with me each step of the way.

After I finished cooking my breakfast I reached into the fridge for one last swig of milk for my coffee. The box of milk lifted the egg holder just enough to take it off the hinges and 16 eggs launched to the floor. My physics students would have told me it was perfect projectile motion!

Sixteen broken eggs on the floor. Time to mop the house….again! Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to get on my knees!!!!

Super good verses to read in bible…

Ephesians 3:12-21

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