Sweet Nothings

I was wrongly accused!! Justice for Jennie!!

It all started not so long ago, in a land kinda far away.

My daddy likes to have salads for lunches, and routinely pre-cooks hard boiled eggs. On this particular day he made three. For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. My dear mother, his devoted wife decided to begin, what I am calling, “The Great Egg Debacle”.

My parents are in their early eighties and this seems to be the ‘new teens’, for their behavior is both lively, sassy, stubborn, and mischievous. I grew up in a home full of practical jokes. Always kind and never harmful or destructive. Before I was born there are lively stories of my parents and my aunt and uncle getting in the greatest water fight. With garden hoses. IN THE HOUSE! My sister and I had annual pumpkin pie fights at Thanksgiving. My mother and I would get into rubber band snapping wars, when I was a teenager, when we needed to get a bit and tension out. My daddy once pulled a talking toilet gag on me, that left me running across the house tackling him in tremendous laughter. It was never predictable. But always a much needed event. Most importantly, always left you laughing so hard you peed your pants, got a side ache, and cried until snot ran down your face.

Today would be that that much needed day. After lunch Monday, my mother hid the boiled eggs and marked a pencil printed ‘B’, like my daddy marks on boiled eggs, and placed in where dad would find it. I watched her do it. Funny, but wasn’t sure how this would play out.

The week went on. By Friday the egg was gone and nobody was talking. That’s when momma started talking about cooking. Before I knew it, she had me talking about eggs. Boiled eggs. My daddy gave me a funny look. Mom gave us both a puzzled look. “HA….you did it!” He said!!

“Wait!! No!! Mom did it!!” I insisted.

“What’s going on? What did you do?” My mother said with a bit of a mischievous grin.

“Aahhhh noooo! It was Mom!!!!!!!! I pleaded.

My parents stared rolling in laughter. Mom blaming me. Dad laughing at the perfect gag. He told of how it smeared all over his hand when he cracked the raw egg.


It really was the perfect con. My mother pulled the prank and perfectly blamed it on me. It was a thing of beauty.

This was my Christmas vacation. A month in the United States spending time with my incredible parents. It was full of moments like these. Sweet nothings. We didn’t have busy plans, events, entertainment, or travel. We just spent time by the fire. Time. The greatest gift. I know these moments are quickly dwindling so I feel so privileged to spend each moment I can with two of the most incredible people ever!!

Love you momma and daddy. Thank you for … all the wonderful moments. I cherish all of them.

And dad, I didn’t trick you…..Mom did!!

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