Mascara changed my Life

Ok, so mascara didn’t actually change my life, it is kind of a metaphor, but also a reality that has made me question my little life decisions.

Recently, my dear friend in the USA sent me brand new fancy mascara. It is absolutely wonderful. It stays on all day, has a brush that applies the mascara evenly. It is wondrous washable waterproof eye magic! I had been using the same cheap grocery store brand brown mascara since the 7th grade. That is 31 years of the same product! Let’s just say I purchased 3 tubes a year, for 31 years, at say $5…That’s over $450 dollars I have spent on sub-quality mascara. Why am I settling for icky gulp on my eyelashes?

What I missing out on? I have begun to question myself about my life choices. Not just in terms of mascara, in in other realms of my life. Are there little changes I needs to consider in my life that can have a big impact?

In 2014, I started making very large decisions in my life that have turned the direction of my life in an abundantly positive way. I am proud of my decisions and know that all of my decision in life, good or bad, have shaped who I am. I am proud of who I am today. My decisions were made out of absolute desperation. Large decisions to make large changes. What about the small stuff? Not everyone needs to make gigantic steps in their life. Sometimes just a small decision, like a boats rudder, can change the direction and mindset of one’s life.

I am not telling you to go out and purchase expensive mascara, and it will change your life. In fact, I do not plan on abandoning my good old blue tube of cheapness. It works for my budget and has done me well for 31 years, and will do well for the next 31. What I am saying, it is time to question our thoughts and behaviors for quality assurance. Are we in need for an upgrade? Jennie 2.0! Am I purchasing things that are unnecessary to my budget and life that can lead to more funds for travel? For example, I used to drink a coffee, from a famous coffee chain in the USA, every day before work. I figured I was spending around $5000 a year on lattes. Starting in 2014, I started having much less. By 2016 I simply drink coffee at home and maybe a treat latte on a gift card. Because of this small change in my budget, I have had the freedom to travel, which is more important to me than a latte. Not only has this been good for my body, but good for my soul as I meet new wonderful people and experience fantastic cultures.

What really is open mindedness or even mindset? We teach, preach, and professionally develop ourselves into a madness of perfection. We will never attain Pintrest Prefection. Even Apple cannot develop an iPhone that won’t need upgrades. Instead, the entire universe is in a constant change of forms. Forming and reforming into something different. Law of Thermodynamics my little science students. So, our goal is not to get to the top of the ladder, but to transform and shape our minds and selves into who we want to be from within.

It starts with questioning ourselves. Do we need this object? Should we eat this food or drink this drink? Should I think this way about certain people? Am I listening to the needs of others? Am I looking at my phone or spending time with my family? Should I wear that shirt after 40? Do I really need expensive mascara? It’s time to question yourself, looking for tiny upgrades.

Things I want to do are: 1. Have less sugar in my coffee. This should have a huge effect on my metabolism. 2. Talk less. God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason. I want wisdom enough to shut up when needed. And 3. Look up. I want to look up from the phone and computer more each day, connecting to the life occurring around me. These are my little goals for the next month. Just a month of change.

Your challenge for today is to question yourself. Don’t miss out on a simple change that can turn your destiny.

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