A Boat, A Bus, and A Bungalow

I have been traveling a bit for the past few weeks around Costa Rica. I have been blessed to have met new and wonderful people wherever I seem to be. I like to play a game of I wonder where they are from. Trying to guess before the speak, for the accent or language become the giveaway. What I have found is that I am usually wrong about where they come from. I confuse who I think will be from one country and it will end up another. It’s beautiful to me because I am learning to let go of cultural misconceptions and appearances. I am also learning that the global media is shaping many of the misconceptions.

I found myself at dinner surrounded by about 10 difference countries/ cultures/ religions/ peoples, all of which were sharing a beautiful meal with flowing beer, wine, and laughter. According to the media there should have been strife, chaos, and debate, but instead it was full of silly jokes, life stories, and genuine human connection. If you were to know the true counties of origin of my dinner guests, you would have thought it was going to be tense and full of anger, however the end of the dinner was full of hugs, tears, and sharing of contact information. I feel I am seeing what the real world can be, should be, and ….is.

I do realize that there is cultural and political strife around the country. So, I wonder so many things. Does the media tell us lies of global human connection? Are more educated people more likely to look past cultural differences? Are more traveled people more likely to be accepting of others beliefs? If real people were able to run the United Nations, would things be better? Why does the world have to be so complicated when in reality we all just want the same exact things.

My heart is full for having me such wonderful new friends from around the world. I find that this is a continual theme within my blogs. My overwhelming sense of awe and gratitude for having shared a moment of my life with this incredible global community. I wish this for everyone.


You don’t have to travel the world to find these moments. You just need to be open to them. Have a conversation with the people around you. Invite those you don’t know to dinner. I am learning that the sharing of a meal is the most powerful force on the planet. It brings together the world for a moment of ….peace.

Who will you invite to dinner today?

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