Pepper Sink Salad

My mother asked me last night if I was eating salads; she is always making sure I’m getting my proper fiber allotment for the day. What a great momma. Of course, with a smirk, I told her “yes momma, my veggies are important”. What I didn’t tell her was that I ate two bell peppers leaning over the sink to brush off the seeds. Yes that was my salad, and is usually my salad.

Chopping and cutting and fighting the humidity that causes veggies to go bad very quickly is just a bit too much for me. I don’t mind cooking, but a proper salad just kills me inside to make. I need a salad shooter. I do like curly veggie strings. But why go to all that hard work of preparing and cleaning when you can just eat a couple carrots and call your high fiber diet good to go! Eating half a cucumber while finishing laundry is a perfectly acceptable “dinner salad”.

Single eating has to be one of the funniest parts of my life. Those who know me know I have no idea how to cook for less that 20 people. Which means, I have left overs for long past the expiration dates. I’ve managed to give myself food poisoning three times in the past year, due to too old leftovers. So most of the time, I simply find a quick this or that and call it dinner. I like to call it power snacking.

I write this as I am fixing a very common dinner of a bean and cheese quesadilla; yes I had my famous over the sink pepper salad too. Tonight I even spoiled myself with hot sauce!!!

What does one eat when all you have to think about is yourself. I am sure I will get messages from someone telling me about meal prep on Sunday’s, or the importance of eating six times a day. Don’t full yourself people. You know you have called out for a pizza for Monday night football when you should have had the planned frozen sautéd eggplant you were supposed to eat!! I love the idea meal prep, but it’s not gonna happen.

I do like the freedom of looking at myself in the mirror and saying “what ya want for dinner? Cold cereal. Done. Grape Nuts it is!! It also means I can be creative in my choices. I made a tuna casserole awhile ago, but I didn’t have the cooked pasta, soups, or even cheese. No problem. I threw some uncooked bow tie pasta in a casserole dish. Tossed two cans of tuna over the top. Poured in some milk and a can of cream of something soup. Then added, my favorite ingredient, 3/4 can of cheese wiz spray cheese. It was seriously awesome. Well maybe. I’m not really sure. When you eat alone and you’re hungry, it’s difficult to gage if the food is good, or you’re just to disconnect to remember good food.

Tonight I am going to do a very common prep. I’m going to crockpot some pulled chicken. I adore coming home to the smell of food ready for me to devour. So tomorrow looks like pulled chicken and pepper sink salad for me.

Good luck out there deciding what’s for dinner!!

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