It’s not a good road trip unless you have a soggy Cheerio stuck to your butt.

It started one rainy afternoon as a dear friend and I ran to our escape vehicle mere moments after the final work bell. As we jumped into the car like amateur bank robbers we began our weekend adventure. A large group of us were heading to the coast of Costa Rica for the weekend for a short holiday in the sun and surf. I rode with my dear friend and her family. I being the smartest of the group to choose this car as it provided me with many amenities that my colleagues lacked, and probably didn’t think of. I was in the back seat with a very handsome four-year-old. WE all know what a road trip with a four-year-old means; terrific snacks, movies, and nap time. Yes, my friends, I was winner on this trip. My car buddy and I both had a juice box of joy for this road trip.

As my trip had more than its fair share of epic events. I decided to limit it to just the highlights. Here is a top ten list of the best things that happened on this trip:

10. Roads in Costa Rica are very unique. They are narrow and twisty in odd nonsense patterns across the terrain. This is the reason short distances take a very long time. Add to the fact that the rain brings landslides and poor visibility, and road construction takes place in the oddest of places. It makes even a quick drive a legendary journey.

9. At one point we had all the windows rolled down and a gust of wind took our open bag of “veggie straws” and exploded them all over the car. Like manna from heaven, we had snacks raining upon us. Not ten minutes later the same thing happened with an open bag of Cheerios.

8. The hotels got mixed up and some epic miscommunication created the ‘Great Hotel Debacle of 2018’. Still not sure what happened.

7. Our whale watching tour did produce some whales! We were even just meters from them as a mother and calf rolled around in play for us to “oooo” and “ahhhhh” over. Nothing funnier than watching a boat of humans jostling for cell phone position to film and photo a sea creature.

6. Sand. Did you know when you visit the beach on a rainy day you will have approximately 213% more sand stuck to you and dragged into cars, hotels, and luggage than on sunny days? Just a fun fact for you to remember.

5. Did I mention it is rainy season in Costa Rica? Yes rain. The entire trip. Rain. The good news is the beaches are pretty much empty from tourists when it is raining. Going to get wet anyway right! Pura Vida!

4. Did you know that a long tractor with small plows under it is called a grader? These are just a few of the things you learn when you watch children’s movies about trucks. I seriously got into it. I think at one point I stopped talking to my friends and was totally watching and singing along about trucks.

3. Luckily, we got to go swimming in the ocean for a bit, because I really had to pee. Note to future Costa Rica travelers. Bathrooms are few and far between. FYI.

2. We got to see sea turtles in the wild. For a long while actually. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we came up one them while a male and female were in the middle of …. well …. making baby turtles. We watched for so long that a colleague started playing “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye, on her phone. You really haven’t lived until you watched a bit of animal porn off the coast of Costa Rica.

1. When my dear friends dropped me off after our weekend adventure, I found a soggy cheerio stuck to my butt. Yes…. This was a good trip full of friends now family.

Thank you to my dear friends that made this trip special and memorable. It was your family that made this trip delightfully memorable. Thank you.

Pura Vida

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