Trust in the Epic Journey

This weekend I experienced what I can only express as an Epic Journey.  My friend and I rented a car and drove a 5-hour drive from San Jose to the Costa Rica/ Panama border.  We then parked the brand-new rental car and began the walk across the border through customs and immigration.  After odd tiny offices and fees, we found a taxi shuttle that drove us the hour journey to a town on the western coast of Panama.  We then boarded a water taxi and rode nearly an hour to an island called Bocas del Toro.  Finally, we found yet another water taxi to another island where our hotel was located.  Four days later we did the entire thing in reverse.  It was epic, and beautiful. 


What we did not experience was any problems.  We were welcomed in all locations.  Yes, we had a few moments of needing to haggle prices, but the experience, although long, was a positive one. In fact, it became a wonderful memory I will hold as part of my travels.  It was positive for one main reason.  Trust. We trusted in many people along the way to get us there safely. 


Trust is such a funny concept.  The more I travel the more I realize just how much I trust in others.  I put my very life in the hands of strangers almost every day. You do not even have to be a traveler to have trust in strangers. 


We trust in the airline pilots to get us to where we are going.  

We trust the bus driver will get us to our location.

We trust the restaurant to serve us safe food and drinks. 

We trust the police to keep us safe.

We trust doctors to heal us. 

We trust the government to run our lands.

We trust the banks to keep our money.


Daily we put our trust in humanity around us. I do put a great deal of trust in life and others around me.  How can I do so confidently?  Two reasons.


1. I know God is looking out for me. My faith and belief in God has given me the freedom to see others around me as beautiful and perfect creations.  I have that kind of relationship with the Lord. 
2. I know that deep down all humans just want to go home at the end of the day.  Which tells me that in reality, humans do not mean for harm and would rather just do their job and get home to their families.  There is a comfort in that.


I am also not stupid, I hope to be a wise person.  I do not put myself in potential dangerous situations.  I do not walk around drunk in a bad part of the city at 2am.  I do not go alone to areas where I know I am not welcome.  I do not blindly trust, but rather put effort and time into researching what, where, and when I will do things.  I believe God gave us a heart to trust and a brain to discern our surroundings.  


On my epic journey to Panama we and such a great shuttle driver going, we decided to swap numbers and use him again on the way home.  When the entire vacation was over I texted him a quick thank you, his response was interesting. I texted “thank you for your service today, we appreciate you”, he responded “no the other way around, thanks to you for the trust”.  It caught me funny at first, but after thought about it, I realized that my trust in him was just as important as the payment.  There is value to the way we trust others. It is a form of respect and honor.


If I am willing to trust strangers to drive me an hour drive in a foreign country, why not trust in God in all aspect of my life. When I give up my life in full trust to the Lord, I am placing the highest form of praise, respect, and honor.  Just like the shuttle driver, I can honor God in my trust.  God wants to be involved with your life.  He created you and wants a relationship with you on a daily basis.  As I travel or just go about my daily life, God wants to join me as I enjoy the great creation of my life.  Not to just protect and guide me, but to have conversation and an ultimate trust relationship. 


Trusting in God does not guarantee a perfect life free from adversities.  What is does mean, is you have a travel buddy to go through life with.  That even though the journey may be long, and have a few bumps, it can be a positive Epic Journey.  


Your challenge: Trust in God. If you are free to give trust to the taxi driver, you could be even more confident in God to be with you on that journey home.  Find encouragement in the world of God concerning trust. 


 Genesis 28:15
 Psalms 33:4
 Proverbs 3:5
 Isaiah 41:10
 Jeremiah 17:7-8
 2 Corinthians 4:18
 Psalm 125:1
 James 1:6

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