Everyone just wants to go home to have dinner with their family. Everyone.


As I travel the world as see so many beautiful people, I have come to this simple realization.  


One of my favorite things is to sit in a diner, pub, airport, or mall and just sit back and people watch.  We are a beautiful species full of many sizes, shapes, curves, colors, and cultures.  We all have unique smiles and perspectives into live around us.  All of us see this world with our own eyes and cultural frame of reference.  We consist of cultures, races, religions, and prejudice; all as a result of both nature and nurture.  We, the human species are more unique and beautiful than all the flowers of the world, for in our uniqueness comes our beauty.  


As I watch the news of political unrest, war, famine, drought, Hollywood stars, famous athletes, natural disasters, politics, terrorism, and economic decline; I am reminded that through each of these important issues runs the constant string of “humanness”.  No matter what is happening in the world, country, or neighborhood. WE ALL just want to go home at the end of a hard day and sit down for dinner with our family.  


If we take time to realize that everyone just wants to go home each night, maybe we will see more humanity in the world around us.  We can learn empathy. Maybe we will open our eyes not to movements, parties, or religions; but to another human who wants the exact same thing as you do.

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